Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone dot semi

Fender Telecaster 3 pickup humbucker, Mahogany body

Fender Stratocaster maple

1970's Telecaster

Gibson sunburst  Les Paul

Gibson mahogany Les Paul Studio

Ibanez electric blue

Ibanez electric green

Sunn Stratocaster white

Strat surf green


Yamaha purple



Takamine Acoustic

Taylor acoustic

Crafter 12 steel string

Lorca Spanish Nylon Classical



Pearl Export 6 piece(ready to record)

collection of cymbals

Yamaha DTXplorer electronic pads

midi linked to studio and samples

Ludwig Shell pack kit

Leedy Kit

Premier Royal 4 piece kit

other vintage kits spares & stands

13 Picollo, wooden, steel  Ludwig and brass snares

Quinto Conga and Tumba wood

fibreglass King Conga


Bongos, Tablas, xylophone, djembes, bells and whistles, shakers

Cabasas, quika, claves, eggs and fish



Alesis S4 Plus Sound Module

Akai S3000i Stereo Digital Sampler 32Mb

Akai S2000 Stereo Digital Sampler 16Mb

Iomega Zip Drive 100Mb

Kurtzweil PC88 Digital Piano

Roland JV-80 Synthesizer

Roland D50 + cards

Roland D10

Roland MT32

Roland DR626 Drum Programmer

Yamaha RX21



Vintage Korg analogue Micro Preset

Emu Vintage Keys

Emu Proteus 1

Kawai K1r module

Kawai Drum machine

QY10 Yamaha sequencer

Stanton CD Decks with mixer

DJ Vinyl decks



Yamaha RBX 765A 5 string Active Bass

1972 Fender Musicmaster Bass

1960's Jazz Bass

1960's Precision

1970 Precision fretless

Acoustic electric bass



Choice of Antique Violins


German Cello

German Double Bass

Superlux PRA-383D XLR bug



Ashdown ABM 300 EVO II Head  4 x 10" and 15" Cab

Ashdown MAG300  4 x 10"

Behringer Pro Bass Pre Amp/FX

Behringer 4 x 12"

Simms Watts 4 x 12"

Simms Watts Valve PA50w

Carlsboro Bass 150 watt Combo,

Carlsboro guitar 60 watt twinCombo (2)

Crate Vintage Club 50 / Peavey Studio amp

Digitech RP9 guitar preamp

Fender frontman (2)

Fender 212R (2)

Session 1 x 12 combo,

Peavey Studio 50,

Line 6 Spider 1 combo

Laney combo 50w

Vox Pathfinder

Vox 15w



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