Tape to CD



Hi end digitising service for audio


Studio equipment is professionally maintained,

regular onsite servicing and aligned with

Ampex test tapes for consistant results


 Conversion from all audio tape formats,

specialist reel to reel analogue and digital,

vinyl, cassette, mini disk, digital file conversion

restoration of the audio,re-mastering, tracking,

Red book format CD



Stems to DVD to import into your editor

Mastered CDs sent by free post




eBay feedback

Cassette, Reel to reel and DAT mastering service to CD £20 *****FREEPOST***** (#232208121462)


Excellent seller, great comms and fast friendly service

Member ID elviskline99 ( Feedback score of 2396Red star icon for Feedback score between 1,000 to 4,999



Recovered a 50 year old recording for me - excellent ++++++++++++

Member ID briant972 ( Feedback score of 707Purple star icon for Feedback score between 500 to 999


Excellent service. Very good quality copies made from cassette to CD.

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C5 to C120 and all tape types can be transferred.

hiss and crackle reduction


Transfer wav, aiff, mp3 from USB/ disc


 Alesis HD24 A to D converters 


 32 channel Presonus ADAT



We can offer future proofing at higher resolutions. up to 96KHz



de-noising, de-clicking, loudness, EQ


1) Cassette 2 track B ,C and DBX.....and all 4 track Portastudio formats

2) R2R 1/4" stereo tape 15 i.p.s, 7.5 i.p.s

( Studer A80 reel to reel mastering , Revox A77, Brennel valve 1.7/8 ips 3.3/4 ips)

TEAC 3440 4track

3) 1/2" 8-track tape ( Tascam 38)

4) 1" 16-track tape Tascam MS16

5) PRO DAT ( Sony and Tascam decks)

6) Mini Disk (Sony)

7) Sony DASH Digital 2 track


8) Mitsubishi X850 (Digital 32 track with apogee converters)

DVD 48KHz 24 bit


9) YouTube audio rendering


10) ALESIS ADAT 8 Tracks Digital from S -VHS to DVD disks £40 per tape return post included


11) Alesis HD24 24 track digital Hard disks  (using HDTools)


12) SATA/IDE Hard drives file transfer


13) Vinyl 45rpm 33rpm (Pioneer PL12D & Goldring G800 cartridge)


14) USB pendrives


15) VHS video audio transfer


16) Vinyl Pioneer PL12D Goldring G800



Sticky syndrome cleaning for 1970's Ampex

Multitrack recordings rendered to high resolution audio files

transfer to digital audio workstation  to keep them
safe for the future. £20 per hour


Audio CD blanks with jewel case £1.30 each


On CD Printing 25p


Cassette to Cassette clones £10 each


Postage at cost


60 min DAT copy to CD  £45 + £2 P&P


8 track ADAT SVHS onto DVD (£40 per tape)




Paypal, or collection from the studio.
If you need any more information just call: 01974 202759 


or send an email to: dfereday@ltsstudio.co.uk


send packaged tapes to....


LTS Recording Studio

Cwm Peris



SY23 5JZ


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